Saturday, July 16, 2016

Two Nerdy Sisters Go To Michigan Our Nerd Camp Journey Part 2

After the beginning session we went our first session of the day. We went to see Lauren Castillo, Greg Pizzoli, and Deborah Freedman. They talked about their process for writing or doing illustrations. It was very informative for those of us who may want to write a book in the future.

Then the Two nervous Nerdy Sisters headed to our own session. We entered a packed room. We had technology issues but we were able to present on some of our books and give all of our books away.

People standing out the door at our packed session. We found out later that 72 people attended. 

We decided to spend our last session of the day with Mr. Schu, Kate DiCamillo, and Kate Beasley. It was awesome. We got to read parts of books, see people smell books, and listen to both Kates talk about their writing. 

The author signing was really great. We were able to get books signed and talk briefly with some of our favorite authors. Charlotte had her picture taken with Raina and Mr. Schu. 

Day 2: 
Day two was also awesome! Sara and I spend the first session with Donalyn Miller and Teri Lesesne as they talked about books.

Charlotte spend her first session with Victoria Cole. She picked that session out and went to it alone. She loved that session and got to spend more time with Victoria at Nerd Camp Jr. 

Then we joined Pernille Ripp for a conversation about Middle Grade students and reading. 

During lunch we had to take our balloons picture. We also got to spend more time talking to authors and other educators. 

For the third session we went to see the authors talk about writing with students and helping them learn from their mistakes. The authors gave suggestions on how to help children who have difficulty writing. 

For the 4th session, Sara and I led a session on collaboration between librarians and classroom teachers. We had a great talk with some fellow librarians. Then we all went to the final session. It was great to see how inspired and happy everyone was. Charlotte made me cry when she said that Nerd Camp was her place. 

Nerd Camp is my place too. So much so that I soon found myself having difficulty leaving. Being pregnant, I was too exhausted to volunteer for Nerd Camp Jr. but I did not want to leave. I just kept sitting there until I eventually forced myself to go. To be honest I shed a few tears as I left the school. I shed tears because I knew I would have to wait another year to feel so inspired. I would also have to wait another year to see some of my friends in the literary world. 

Nerd camp is really a very special place where you feel loved, respected, and appreciated. It is one of the few places where authors, librarians, teachers, and principals come together like a huge family. It is also one of the few places where you feel inspired the entire time and the sessions actually relate to what you are trying to do for your students. Please do yourself a favor and attend Nerd Camp. It has changed my life so much over the past two years and it will change your life too. 

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