Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Who are the #twonerdysisters?

The Two Nerdy Sisters are actual sisters...and sisters-in-law because our husbands are brothers. One of us has been a nerd since birth and the other grew into nerdiness later in life. We are both elementary school librarians and the purpose of this blog is to share book reviews from current children's literature for all ages - preschool to teenagers. We have both written blog entries for Nerdy Book Club and attended Nerd Camp MI.

Amy Ralph is a School Media Coordinator in North Carolina. She has dedicated her life to educating children. Amy lives in Kernersville, NC with her husband, Oren and her dog, Jules. She blogs about educational issues and books at https://thehisolibrarian.wordpress.com/ She also enjoys networking with other educators on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @lehmanac if you would like to contact her.

Sara Ralph has been a school librarian in Asheboro, NC for thirteen years. She lives with her husband, her three nerdy daughters, her mother and stepfather and her dog, Goldie. She blogs with School Librarian, Benji Martin, at Newbery Pie and her personal blog, So Many Books, So Little Time. You can find her on Twitter @sralph31.

Reading List:

House ArrestThe Lost Track of TimeNone of the Above

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