Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Baby George

So excited that Amy's baby, George Wulfric Ralph is here! HP fans should recognize the middle name. The last name Ralph means "wolf in counsel." He already loves books so he WILL be a nerd. Here's a picture:

George is a family name, but Amy loves to find books with his name in them so here are a few books with characters named George:

We ❤️ Josh Funk! George gets a PenPal, but is very surprised to find out who it is! Amy reviewed Dear Dragon on August 30.

Another George and a dragon book! If George doesn't have this, I will be buying it for him. All George wants is to receive mail, and oh boy, does his magic mailbox deliver. What he decides to do at the end of the story is an amazing message for young readers. I love when picture books teach character traits without being overly didatic.

Knowing George was scheduled to arrive on Saturday, I hit up B&N on Friday for book presents for Amy. She's been wanting Gertie's Leap to Greatness since Nerd Camp. She was too tired to stand in the line for the ARC, and I gave my friend the one I picked up because she didn't get any book swag. This book is officially released on 10/4 so *hint, hint* you'll see it again.

I am George Washington meets Amy's history buff personality and has another character named George. This biography of George Washington was informative and the format is perfect for read aloud or independent reading. I want the whole series now!

Oren, George's father, and my BIL twice over (he is Amy's husband and my husband's brother), mentioned that his favorite George book was Saint George and the Dragon. It won the Caldecott Medal in 1985, so he has excellent taste (he is an art teacher after all). Another book is arriving for George today:

Update: Baby George comes home today! I can't wait to read to him!