Thursday, March 24, 2016

New Schedule

So our blog is feeling the winter slump. Spring is here and we are ready to pump some life into this thing. Starting next week, we are going to follow this schedule:


We will participate in It's Monday! What Are You Reading? See entry over at Jen Vincent's Teach Mentor Text blog for details.

New Book Tuesdays:

To say I have a book buying problem is quite the understatement. My husband teases me that if I buy one more book, my book closet is going to collapse into our front hall. Will this stop me? In the words of Pete the Cat, "Goodness no." See which books I buy and add to my ever growing To-Be-Read Mountain.  Want to know what's coming out each week? Check out John Schu's (@mrschureads) Book Release Calendar. Warning: clicking this link could be dangerous to your bank account!

Picture Book Wednesdays: 

I was featured last month on the amazing Scholastic Reader Leader Blog with a post about my New Year's Resolution to read a picture #bookaday. Wednesdays will feature a Two Nerdy Sisters joint review of a 2016 picture book. Next Wednesday: Salina Yoon's Be A Friend.

Middle Grade Thursday:

So Middle Grade is my first #kidlit love and I have not abandoned it. We will feature book reviews, book lists, author interviews/links, articles, some Middle Grade related content every Thursday.

Young Adult Friday:
The only Young Adult Literature I read as a kid was Sweet Valley High. When I was in high school, I was reading Stephen King. #yalit is so amazing now, and I want to read more because I have a daughter who just turned 13. We will take Thursday's plan, but instead of Middle Grade, it'll be all about Young Adult baby.

See you next week!

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