Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dear Dragon

Have you ever had a pen pal? I did. Unfortunately, I do not remember my pen pal's name. I started writing to my pen pal when I was in the second grade. My teacher located pen pals for us from different states and we wrote our first letter in class. I don't remember much about my pen pal but I do remember how it felt to have one. I loved sitting down to write a letter to her. I also loved receiving letters from her and learning more about her and where she lived. I never met my pen pal and eventually the letters stopped coming. I think the memories of my pen pal help to foster my love for Dear Dragon.

Dear Dragon takes the reader into the world of pen pals. This story features a boy named George and a dragon named Blaise. They are assigned to be each other's pen pals by their teachers. They are also told that their letters must be written in rhyme. George and Blaise write to each other from September to May. During this time they learn a lot about each other while they wait for the pen pal picnic in June. Find out what George and  Blaise write about and what happens when they meet by reading Dear Dragon for yourself. 

Overall, Dear Dragon is an excellent book. Besides being an excellent story this book can be used in the classroom. Students can use it to locate rhyming words and understand rhyming poetry. It can also be used to help students to understand the concept of writing letters. It may even awaken a passion in teachers and students to re-establish pen pals and writing by hand. I know this book will be a favorite at my school and for my son George. I recommend this book for classroom libraries, public libraries, school libraries, and home libraries. This is definitely a book I will be adding to George's book collection. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

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