Wednesday, August 9, 2017

George and I take on the 1,000 Book Challenge

     As a mommy I am always looking for time to read with George when we can. Right now it is difficult for us to read together because  George in exploration mode so he doesn't want to spend much time sitting on mommy's lap.Even nerds need motivation sometimes so, I got super excited when I learned about this new program.   The Two Nerdy Sisters live in Kernersville, NC. We are part of the Forsyth County Public Library System.  On a recent trip to the library I learned about the 1,000 book challenge. The goal is to read 1,000 books to your child by the time they enter Kindergarten. You get a challenge card like the one below and check off each of the books that you read to you child

        . When you finish a card you return it to the library and receive a small prize. When you finish ten cards your child receives a certificate saying they completed the challenge. Of course George and I have already started. We have read about 40 books in two weeks. As part of #pb10for10 I want to share our ten favorites so far. It was extremely hard for me to pick just 10 so I picked George's favorites. 


George loves the rhymes and pictures of this book. He loves this one just as much as Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. We love all Josh Funk books!


It is Elephant and Piggie so what's not to love? George loves all these books.


George loves fish and I think he likes hearing his name. 


This book has beautiful pictures and a wonderful story. 



George loved this little one eyed monster.

Image result for wolfie gets a bunny

Two of George's names are associated with wolves. Ralph means wolf in council and Wulfric (George's Middle Name which is also one of Dumbledore's names) means leader wolf. We like wolves in this house. It is also a wonderful book and a funny story. We also love Horrible Bear.


We love this book! So funny! We love Hotel Bruce too.


George loves all the different colors and shapes in this book.


Image result for Welcome home bear

This is one of my favorite picture books and George likes it too. I won this book from Mr. Schu during my first trip to Nerd Camp so I think about him when we read it. Thanks Mr. Schu!

We love turtles almost as much as wolves so of course this is one of our favorites. We love our Lauren Castillo books!

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