Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Book Tuesday 6/28

haven't bought any new books in three weeks! Shocking, right? Rest assured, I'm not sick. I gave away 15 books and bought 8 books for our Day One presentation at Nerd Camp MI:

Two Nerdy Sister's Present Best in Historical Fiction:What's Nerd Camp without books? Come explore the newest trends in historical fiction with one expert in history and one super nerdy reader and history aficionado. Books for all grade levels presented. The best part: lots of giveaways! We know you are nerdy too, so feel free to share titles with us! (Elementary, Middle School, High School, Reading, Cross Curricular) Presenters: Sara Ralph and Amy Ralph

It's less than two weeks away! We're so excited!

Here are the new books for this week:

also went to B&N on Sunday and picked up these lovelies:

To be able to give away as many books as possible at our presentation, some of the books will have been "gently read" by Amy and/or myself. Well, I'm not going to get Salt to the Sea read so this copy will be given away so I can keep my copy.

Happy reading everyone!

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