Friday, June 3, 2016

Special #Bookaday Post

Just 6 more days of school left and I will be glad when it ends. Not because I want to leave work, my students, or coworkers. I want school to end so I can have more time to read. Summer is when I do the most reading. I want to be like Donalyn and read a book a day but realistically I know that I probably will not. If you don't know already Sara and I are presenting historical fiction at Nerd Camp. I am designing my reading goal around that and EBOB books. 

For the summer I am hoping to read 3-5 books per week. These books will include historical fiction novels and picture books and 16 Elementary EBOB books that I haven't read. 

Here is a list of the EBOB books that I need to read: 

I am also hoping to read some of the books I have around the house that I have been unable to finish. 

These are my reading goals for the summer. I am sure that Sara will read more books than me but I am hoping that I can meet my personal goal. 


This will be my third summer participating in #bookaday. I remember as a child/teen having "read-a-thons" every Friday night where I tried to stay up all night reading. Last year, I read 71 books over the summer. Not that hardcore? You do not have to literally read a book a day. Also, everything counts; last summer I read 18 Babymouse books. It is just a time to promise to spend a little more time reading during the summer, which is when, if you're a student or an educator, life slows down a bit.

Oh and for any of you grumbling about teachers' summer break; they are actually paid for 10 months, not 12. The other two months are furloughed, as any teacher who has ever gotten her pay in 10 installments and not properly saved for the summer knows all too well.

Since I resigned from my job back in February, I went ahead and started my #bookaday challenge when Donalyn Miller kicked it off on May 24th. My goal is to read 60 books, and I am already 25% done. The next six weeks or so will be focused on reading historical fiction books for our Nerd Camp MI Day One presentation. I also want to finish rereading the Harry Potter series before the 8th book comes out in July.

My favorite book so far of the 15 that I've read:


Happy Summer! Happy Reading!

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