Thursday, June 16, 2016

YA Friday: Helping The LGBT community

My heart has been very heavy this week as I see the continued mistreatment of people in the LGBT community.

Last week Sara mentioned the recent passage of the HB2 bill in NC. This bill shows a clear bias towards transgendered individuals in NC. The hatred towards the LGBT community continued this week with the massacre of  49 people. Events like these lead me to the question "When will it stop?"

While terrorism is a whole different issue, hatred of people who are different continues in the United States. What can the literary community do to end this cycle? I think that we can help by providing our students and children with materials to help them be informed about the differences of others. 

Members of the literary community often interact with children who maybe considered LGBT students. Providing books that help children see themselves in the story maybe helpful to children who are struggling with mistreatment because they are LGBT. These material may also  help heterosexuals to understand more about the LGBT community and become more understanding. 

Below are some links to lists of excellent LGBT books from 2016: 

Here is a link with books for all ages in honor of LGBT pride month:

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