Thursday, May 12, 2016

Maybe A Fox

Jules is extremely close to her older sister Sylvie, who is her best friend. Sylvie's goal in life is to run as fast as possible. One snowy morning before school, Sylvie breaks the rules to throw a wish rock into the Slip, and winds up falling and drowning. Jules and her dad are devastated. Jules world stops, and nothing is important to her, not her rock collecting or going to school. Her only desire is to find The Grotto, a magical place, and to discover why her sister felt the need to always be so fast.

On the same day Sylvie falls into the Slip, a baby fox is born. Senna knows that she is different from her brother. She hears voices and despite all natural instincts, is strangely drawn to a human girl in pain.

The chapters alternate between Jules story and Senna's. I was enchanted by both stories. However, this book was extremely sad so you need some tissues. Amy and I are one year apart and were extremely close growing up; I can't imagine losing her during childhood or now. I have never cried so much while reading a book. Appelt and McGhee's ability to make me feel this deeply makes this book one of my favorites for 2016. I am hoping it receives some shiny stickers in January.

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