Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Middle Grades/Nonfiction Thursday: Pink is For Blob Fish

Even though Pink is for Blob Fish is considered a nonfiction picture book Sara and I chose it for our Middle Grades book this week. This book is full of facts and pictures about awesome animals who have pink coloration. Some cool facts I learned from this book include: 

1. Male pigmy seahorse get pregnant and carry the eggs until they hatch. 

2. Pigments in shrimp make the Roseate Spoonbills feathers turn pink. 

3. Southern Blind Snakes avoid light. 

4. Naked Mole Rats are cancer free so they maybe used for cancer treatments. 

5. Pink Sea Stars stick their stomachs outside of their months to eat items that are to big. 

This book is awesome because it provides the reader with facts about animals they may have never heard of. It also has an awesome layout that includes illustrations like this one. 

These illustrations by David DeGrand and animals facts by Jess Keating will draw children to this book. I recommend adding Pink is for Blobfish as an addition to elementary school, middle school, and public libraries. This is also an excellent book to add to your child's library especially, if they are interested in animals. 

My favorite animal from this book is: 

For more information about Jess Keating and her books visit her website:

To see more illustrations and art from David DeGrand visit his website:


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