Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Picture Book 10 For 10: Our favorites (of late)

On August 10, kidlit bloggers publish a picture book post featuring 10 books. Search the #pb10for10 in Twitter to read more posts. These are some of our recent favorites; all of these were published in 2015 or 2016.

Sara's Picks - I had a hard time picking just five, and chose to go with more recent reads. 

Our names are one of the most significant parts of our identity. In this first picture book by Sherman Alexie, Thunder Boy Jr. does not want to be named after his dad, instead searching for a name of his own.

The school year is almost upon us! This heartwarming story is told from the perspective of a brand new school that is just as nervous about the first day of school as the students may be!

An inspiring true story about students in Paraguay who create and play instruments made from items from the landfill where they live. I loved sharing this one with the musicians in my family!

A biography of an amazing young man bicycling 400 miles across Ghana with one leg.

Return is the final chapter that Aaron Becker began with Journey, and followed up with Quest. You will want to finish the last page, and start all over again. Simply stunning!

Amy's Picks 

I love all picture books and narrowing it down to five was very difficult. These are some of my personal favorites from 2015-2016. 

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast makes this list because my students absolutely loved it. This is a great book for teaching sequence to students so I read it to my classes. It soon became a favorite at my school. 

I love Mother Bruce because it is just so funny. My favorite part is when Bruce tries to make the geese fly. I can't wait until Hotel Bruce comes out. 

This book makes my list because it is beautiful. It also discusses waiting which is difficult for children. This book tells them it is okay to wait. 

 Horrible Bear made my list because I love the characters in this book. I also love that the book teaches children not to assume the worst about someone. This book also focuses on the importance of forgiveness. 

I have to admit that I love all books written or illustrated by Lauren Castillo but this one is special. I love this book because it reminds me of my childhood because I always lined my stuffed animals up before I went to sleep. I have read this book to George many times and I am sure it will be a bedtime favorite when he is born. 

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