Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Book Tuesday 8/2

Car issues today... Thank heavens for new books! If I updated you on all the books I've bought recently, you'd be here all day, so let's focus on just today. #nErDcampMI and #ReadingSummit make you want to buy the whole world!

Coming today...

I took a picture of Return at B&N (and resisted the urge to read it there). 

I got impatient (shocking, huh?) and bought a copy of HP8 on Sunday, so I will be donating my 2nd copy.

Other books coming today:

Checked the two Julies' book out at the library and had to have it.

#titletalk, enough said.

And finally, because I really don't NEED anyone to persuade me to buy books: 

You may be thinking, in the words of Ron Weasley, "Bloody hell! That's a lot of books." At least I'm not a drug addict.  Happy Reading!

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