Friday, April 15, 2016

Monthly #bookgiveaway

I just thought of this so it will not only be a surprise for all of you, it will be a surprise for Amy too. I was thinking that it had been quite awhile since my last Twitter book giveaway and I wanted to involve our blog. I was also pretty sure that the last book I gave away was our friend, author Josh Funk's debut picture book Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast. Josh has been promoting our blog on Twitter like it is his second job so this will be a special two book giveaway. You can get a copy of Josh's book and any other book we have featured from March 28-April 30. If you win and you already have Josh's book? Donate a copy to a school or classroom library. As much as I love those tweets and retweets when I give books away on Twitter, I was terrified I was going to miss someone last time so we're going with the Google Form option. If you decide, "oh I really want The Wild Robot," and you complete the form, and then we feature the awesome new Greg Pizzoli picture book (hint, hint), you can complete it again, no problem.

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