Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Picture Book Wednesday: Horrible Bear

Amy's Review:

Horrible Bear seems to be the story of a little red haired girl's encounter with a bear, but this book provides so much more. The book begins when a girl's kite flies into a bear's cave. The bear accidentally breaks the little girl's kite. The little red haired girl reacts poorly about the situation. The book continues with confrontation between the bear and the little girl that eventually leads to an apology and a friendship between the two characters. The thing I liked most about this book is the fact that it teaches multiple lessons. One lesson children can learn from this book is to watch what they say to people. Bear was perfectly pleasant until the little red haired girl called him horrible. Then he decided that he would show her how horrible he was. I think teachers can also use this lesson as far as students are concerned. Often if we are expecting students to act up then they do to prove us right. The other lesson children can learn is the importance of admitting you are wrong and saying you are sorry. A simple apology changes the entire dynamic between the bear and the little red haired girl. 

Ultimately, I think Horrible Bear is an excellent book for all readers. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

FYI: this is my favorite page from this book. A little kindness goes a long way. 

Sara's Review:

Wolfie the Bunny was one of my favorite books of 2015, and I was thrilled to see that Ame Dyckman and Zachariah OHora teamed up for another book. Do you remember a time in your life when something horrible happens and you need someone to blame? Or when someone horrible blames you for something you didn't do? If so, you will be able to relate to the little girl, the bear or perhaps even both. Dyckman teaches a great message on conflict resolution without being preachy. This would also be a wonderful book to read when talking about emotions. OHora's illustrations are so colorful and vibrant. I love, love, LOVE the girl's hair! Just check out the end paper:

Horrible Bear is a five-star book and highly recommended for all school, public and home libraries.

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