Friday, April 15, 2016

Young Adult Friday: Drowned City Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans

I was immediately drawn to Drowned City because of my love for history and graphic novels. This book, with the aid of illustrations, provides the reader with a timeline of the events and hardships surrounding Hurricane Katrina. Don Brown does an excellent job of explaining how Hurricane Katrina formed and the results of the hurricane's landfall in New Orleans. Some facts I learned from this book that I did not know:

1. The gap in the levees was so large that a 500 foot barge came through one and floated around New Orleans. 

2. Conditions were made worse by a smashed oil refiner tank that leaked oil into the city. 

3. Poisonous snakes were floating around in the water. 

4. The convention center had a large amount of people that suffered like the people in the Superdome. 

5. Many people had to wait for help under highway overpasses. 

6. People who tried to flee to the city of Gretna, LA were forced back by local police. 

7. Pets were intentionally abandoned by rescue workers. 

8. Workers had to clear thousands of dead bodies from the street. 

This book is excellent for YA libraries and classrooms. It can also be used by history teachers and science teachers to enhance their instruction. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about Hurricane Katrina. I give Drowned City 5 out of 5 stars. 

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